This is the New Hot Yoga

SaunaFiit combines Movement and Music with Near Infrared (NIR) Sauna Therapy and Red Light Therapy.

Future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies

–Albert Einstein

What is TeslaStretch?​

TeslaStretch is the ULTIMATE Human Recharge. We are creating an exciting new Health and Wellness Paradigm that combines Movement Medicine with Energy Medicine.​

Movement Medicine

Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST™) is a pain-free, assisted-stretch modality that utilizes a treatment table and stabilizing straps to increase range of motion, relieve pain and tightness, and increase athletic performance and recovery.

Clients report feeling relaxed, lighter with improved flexibility / mobility after as little as one session.

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Note: The BioCharger™ is not intended for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions, or in the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease, in man or other animals.

Energy Medicine

The BioCharger NG utilizes four different energy types – Light, Voltage, Frequencies & Harmonics, and Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Fields (PEMFs).  As individual energies, each has its fair share of supported research, however the BioCharger NG is the first energy platform of its kind to incorporate all four of these beneficial energies into one platform.

How Does it work?

Choose a "Recipe"

Your wellness journey begins by selecting a recipe. Recipes are what we call the frequency programs that run on the BioCharger™ NG. They are what make the BioCharger™ NG sing with revitalizing energy. We have collaborated with the  BioCharger™ NG recipe team to create a TeslaStretch Recipe  specifically for Fascial Support and Fascial Stretch Therapy but you are free to browse other recipes to customize your session.

Enjoy your Stretch!

For your TeslaStretch you will remain clothed. Please wear loose, comfortable clothes you can move freely in.  Your session will start with a range of motion postural assessment and review of your health history. Your stretch session takes place on a massage table and incorporates comfortable straps used to stabilize the limbs or part of the body that is not being worked on. This facilitates relaxation and enhances the effectiveness of the technique.

The Science

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The Energies


Not the light of a lightbulb or the Sun – but naturally occurring element gases vibrating at the speed of light including Argon, Xenon, Krypton, Neon, Helium and Mercury – produce the Light component of the BioCharger.  These charged gas particles are most frequently recognized in nature as the Auroras.


Frequency and Harmonics

Harmonics & Frequencies found in nature are produced by the 100-lightning-strikes-per-second occurring within our atmosphere.  The energy of these millions of discharges per day are brought indoors using the BioCharger’s Tesla Coil.


The BioCharger NG emits voltage, similar to the naturally occuring voltage emitted during a lightning storm.


For the same reason individuals practice “Earthing” or “Grounding” – which suggests that when the body is grounded, its electrical potential becomes equalized with the Earth’s electrical potential through a transfer of electrons from the Earth to the body – the PEMF component of the BioCharger delivers this same electrical potential without the need to venture outside.

What is it like?

Imagine putting on a pair of shrunken jeans fresh out of the dryer, think of the way you would move, restricted and tight…you may have trouble bending down.

Now, imagine putting on a pair of loose pajama pants and think of how much easier and fluid your movements are when you are no longer restricted by those tight jeans. When you come in for a TeslaStretch, when you lay down it’s like you’ve got those tight jeans on, and when you get up your joints and tissues will feel looser like you’ve put on pajamas!

How can TeslaStretch Help You?

What are the BENEFITS?


The BioCharger NG will revitalize your body to perform at peak levels and have you bouncing out of bed.


The BioCharger NG helps align your mind and body to allow you to work efficiently.


Whether it’s a workout, an injury, stress, or the bumps and bruises of everyday life, the BioCharger NG platform will allow you a quicker bounce-back.


The BioCharger NG delivers healing energy waves that will realign your mind and body, so you’re prepared to face the day in the morning and ready for bed at night.



Getting the most out of your body comes down to effort, practice, and the recovery that follows. Just 15 minutes a day with the BioCharger NG can accelerate you toward your new personal best.


Just as the BioCharger NG helps to accelerate muscle recovery and reduce stiffness in joints, it also contributes to improved mobility and flexibility.

What people are saying



Hey, I’m Jeris Quinn. I am the Founder and CEO of TeslaStretch LLC. I’m a Level 2 Certified Fascial Stretch Therapist (CFST), Yoga Instructor, Functional Movement Coach, Sound Healer, and Energy Medicine practitioner.

I do not try to treat, diagnose, or cure any specific condition. Instead, I seek out the most cutting-edge, science-backed technologies and methodologies available to help you recharge, regenerate, and optimize the body’s natural self-healing and self-regulating function. I’m always learning and always experimenting.

The Most Frequently Asked Questions


TeslaStretch is the ULTIMATE Recovery Biostack; combining Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF), Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST,) and PhotoBiomodulation (PBM).

Fascia is a piezoelectric tissue; therefore, during an FST Session, the myofascial system generates a flow of bioenergy (information) throughout the mind-body complex via the piezoelectric phenomenon.

This facilitates the extracellular matrix to transform as it goes through its “sol to gel” reorganization during myofascial release. Fascia behaves as an electrically conductive medium, which allows this viscoelastic tissue to rehydrate as the stretch therapist explores different movements and angles. This rehydration also allows for an elongation of the myofascial system, relieving pressure on pain-sensitive structures for alleviation of the symptoms of pain, headaches and restoration of motion. In fact, fascia is a semi-conductor and has the lowest electrical resistance of any tissue. Put simply, PEMF and FST are a perfect match for quickly increasing range of motion (ROM).

PEMF also increases cell permeability, it opens the cell walls so that they can more readily absorb the wavelengths of light emitted from the Light Therapy panel.

This is why PEMF + FST + PBM is the ULTIMATE Recovery Biostack!

Fascia is a specialized system of the body that has an appearance similar to a spider’s web or a sweater. Fascia is very densely woven, covering and interpenetrating every muscle, bone, nerve, artery and vein, as well as, all of our internal organs including the heart, lungs, brain and spinal cord. The most interesting aspect of the fascial system is that it is not just a system of separate coverings. It is actually one continuous structure that exists from head to toe without interruption. In this way you can begin to see that each part of the entire body is connected to every other part by the fascia, like the yarn in a sweater.

Trauma, inflammatory responses, and/or surgical procedures create Myofascial restrictions that can produce tensile pressures of approximately 2,000 pounds per square inch on pain sensitive structures that do not show up in many of the standard tests (x-rays, myelograms, CAT scans, electromyography, etc.) A high percentage of people suffering with pain and/or lack of motion may be having fascial problems, but are not diagnosed.

People of all ages! Any patient cleared by their physician for stretching & active movement, fitness enthusiasts, and athletes of all levels.

FST is pain-free! It improves mobility of your nerves and flexibility of your muscles and fascia. Other methods focus on isolated muscle stretching which is often uncomfortable or even painful and results are only temporary.

Fascia surrounds each muscle, connects them to each other and penetrates deep inside them. It also connects muscles to tendons, ligaments, and bone to form a body wide, smart functional network. Fascia connects to all of your organs and systemstoo.

  • Pain reduction
  • Stress reduction
  • Better sleep
  • Better posture
  • Improved mobility
  • More effective workouts

Imagine putting on a pair of shrunken jeans fresh out of the dryer, think of the way you would move, restricted and tight, you may have a hard time bending down.

Now, imagine putting on a pair of loose, pyjama pants and think of how much easier and fluid your movements are when you aren’t restricted by the tight jeans. When you come to a Fascial Stretch Therapy session, when you lay down it’s like you’ve got those tight jeans on and when you get up, your joints and tissues will feel looser like you’ve put on pajamas.

SUPERCHARGE Your Mind, Body, and Spirit!

Whether you’re a grandparent who wants to enjoy playing with your grandchildren, someone who wants to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle, or an elite athlete who wants to push your body to its maximum potential, we can help you achieve your health and wellness goals.

Our services, including Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF), Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST), Ozone Therapy (O3), Rife Therapy, Photobiomodulation (PBM), and Vibroacoustic Therapy (VAT) are some of the most cutting-edge, science-backed technologies available to help you recharge, regenerate, and optimize the body’s natural self-healing and self-regulating function.